Vancouver Island Holiday, 13-20 August 2005

Must… have… holiday… One busy Friday lunchtime later we had campgrounds and ferries booked. Ah, the wonder of the Internet. Our directional choices were simple: west to Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands; north towards more and more mountains or east towards the Okanagan. For some reason we didn’t fancy heading south… ;-) The prospect of drinking lots of wine was very appealing, as was the idea of seeing yet more mountains. But we settled for heading west: time to visit that chunk of rock blocking our view of the Pacific.

The plan was to catch an early ferry from Tsawwassen over to Vancouver Island, spend 3 days up in the mountains, then head over to the beach for a couple of nights before catching a ferry over to Galiano Island where we’d spend another couple of days catching some Island Time.

The itinerary:

The route from home to S to M to G:

Better get packed then – day 1 awaits…

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