The Heather Trail, 3-6 August 2006

Before we even did the Nootka Trail, we needed some more backpacking experience. With this in mind (the Nootka trip was only 3 weeks away) we went to Manning Park for the BC Day long weekend in August to tackle the Heather Trail. I had two personal goals for the trip: to see a marmot, and to see morning light on Mt Hozameen. Oh and seeing the famous flower meadows in full bloom would be a bit of a bonus too!

The short version.

  1. Thursday 3 August 2006: leave Vancouver, drive to Manning Park. Hike from car park to Buckhorn camp (4.5 km).
  2. Friday 4 August 2006: hike from Buckhorn camp to Kicking Horse camp via First Brother mountain (10.5 km).
  3. Saturday 5 August 2006: hike to Nicomen Lake and back (18 km).
  4. Sunday 6 August 2006: hike back to car park (12.5 km).

Total distance: 45.5 km (28 miles).
Total elevation gain: 1500 m (5000 ft).
Photos taken: 300 (300).

Heather Trail, 5-6 Aug 2006

Photos on Flickr

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