Garibaldi Lake, 2-4 Sep 2006

Labour Day weekend, the official end of summer, last chance to get out hiking etc. Three days camping near Garibaldi Lake.

Garibaldi Lake, 2 Sep 2006

Saturday: We set out to camp at the Lake, only to find out there were no camp sites left. Plan B was to head to Taylor Meadows where we got one of the last half-dozen tent pads. The afternoon and evening were spent down at the lake, relaxing…

Sunday: First objective ā€“ Black Tusk. Decided not to climb to the top. Simultaneously impressive and scary close up. Second objective ā€“ Panorama Ridge. Steeper and longer than we expected, but the views of Black Tusk, Garibaldi Lake and all around were just amazing!

Monday: A leisurely start, with breakfast down by the lake. More time spent relaxing, then lunch, packed away the tent and headed back down to the car…

Total distance: 44 km
Total elevation gain: 2300 m
Time well spent.
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