Brockton Point, 18 Nov 2007

After our long break away in the UK, I was running out of time to get my boots covered in snow for November. Fortunately the rainy weather broke one weekend and we grabbed our gear and headed out for a quick jaunt up to Brockton Point on Mt Seymour so I could maintain my record for the year :-)

We parked up in the icy and slushy car park, and ate our (hot) lunch in the comfort of the car. Reluctantly we got out into the cold air, donned our boots and strapped our snowshoes to our packs. The snow on the trail was patchy to begin with, non-existent in places and a sheet of ice in others. Within a couple of hundred yards or so the snow became more or less continuous, and firm enough just to walk on. Since the snow wasn’t very deep it was easy to follow the summer trail, across still-running streams, and up the side of the ski run. Plenty of people were out in the snow, many of whom were on the ski runs getting in whatever skiing, boarding or tobogganing they could manage. That made our hike up remarkably peaceful as everyone else was on the slopes!

We stopped for a few photos along the way, and even taking it quite leisurely we were approaching Brockton Point within 45 minutes.

Brockton Point, 18 Nov 2007

We figured this would be far enough: we weren’t in the mood to go much further, so we enjoyed some time admiring the view, taking photos etc. The clouds were bubbling up the side of the mountain, obscuring the sun at times and making for some very dramatic lighting conditions.

Brockton Point, 18 Nov 2007

Satisfied with getting outside, into the mountains and snow, we headed back down, opting for the ski run. No snowshoes required, after all. Time for a cup of coffee and a snack.

Yay! I could tick off November.

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