Big and small

A beautiful day in Vancouver, which I often refer to as `soaring eagle’ days as it is on days like today that eagles are most often seen in flight. Today lived up to its name, and walking in to work I caught sight of a soaring bald eagle, much like this one:

Mt Seymour snowshoe, 18 Apr 2009

Mostly it was content to glide, only occasionally flapping its wings, rather lazily it appeared to me.

Seeing eagles always cheers me up, and my mood was elevated further when I glimpsed a pair of these tiny birds, Golden-crowned Kinglets, pecking away at the lower trunk and roots of a small tree:

They are only a few inches long, and, with the cold morning, they had fluffed up their feathers to the point of being almost spherical. I was surprised that they didn’t seem too bothered by my presence. They flew to the next tree; I continued in to work, marvelling at the sight of a huge bird, and then a tiny one.

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