2007: a year in snow

Well I did it. I managed to get my feet in snow in every month of 2007. I guess it wasn’t that hard really as winter 2006/2007 was a very big snow year so it persisted at high elevations well into July and even August. Then early an snowfall in October helped me achieve my goal. Once November came around I was home free. Mind you, it rained for almost the entire month of March which made getting up into the snow somewhat unappealing…

So here’s a list of the hikes which I encountered snow:

  1. January: a good start to the year with some old favourites
    • Black Mountain
    • Lightning Lakes (XC ski)
    • Mount Seymour
  2. February: my sister visited, so we insisted on introducing her to snowshoeing
    • Dam Mountain & Thunderbird Ridge
    • Black Mountain (again)
    • First Lake (Mount Seymour)
  3. March: a close one, it rained most of the month
    • Hollyburn Peak
  4. April: a great month with two of the best snowshoe hikes we’ve ever done
    • Fat Dog (Manning Park)
    • St Mark’s summit
    • Garibaldi Lake
  5. May: now things start to get tight…
    • Brockton Point
  6. June: only just made it on the last day
    • Frosty Mountain
  7. July: higher-altitude hiking really under way now
    • First Brother
    • Blowdown Pass
  8. August: now mostly down to north-facing remnants
    • Skyline (Manning Park)
  9. September: pushing higher and a convenient snowstorm
    • Cathedral Lakes
    • Mount Robson
  10. October: a lucky break with an early storm dumping a fair bit at high elevations
    • Larch Plateau
    • Flora Lake
  11. November: early-season snow
    • Brockton Point
  12. December: getting easier again now, even the low-level trails had snow
    • Baden-Powell
    • Mount Seymour
    • Hollyburn Peak

In fact my snow-months go back to July 2006 and have continued so far into 2008. Actually, going back further, June 2006 was the only snow-free month since November 2005 when I took a quick afternoon jaunt up to Lynn Peak.

So where does that leave me for the rest of 2008? At peace, I think is the best way to describe it.

Mt Seymour Snowshoe, 8 Dec 2007

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