Cerise Creek, 25-26 Oct 2008

A gorgeous autumn weekend in the mountains. We joined Susanne and Anne for an overnight trip to the Keith Flavelle Memorial Hut near Cerise Creek. We set our pace to “relaxed”, and made our way up in the sunshine to the hut (though the sun set behind the mountains about half way there). We shared the hut with two Chinese mountaineers (who attempted Joffre Peak on the Sunday morning) and a couple of miscreant mice. We had vague plans to head for Vantage Peak but in the end just spent time exploring the moraines and enjoying the sunny views.

Cerise Creek, 25-26 Oct 2008

The bridge over Cerise Creek on the logging road has been removed and the only way across now is a single log held in place by ropes. But the log is still round and there is no guard rail so with the frost, we opted to bum-shuffle over, which gave us all cold wet bums. Fortunately all the creeks were quite low so we had no problems getting across. New cross-ditches have been dug all the way up the logging road spur to the old trailhead so they really don’t want people driving up there any more.

Distance: about 11 km return
Elevation gain: 650 m (including all our messing about on the moraines)

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