Mount Seymour (Second Peak), 18 Apr 2009

Perhaps the last snowshoe trip of the season? We’ll see. We just had to take advantage of a sunny Saturday. Beautiful snow conditions, just perfect spring snow. And we were amazed that it was so quiet. At one point we had the whole First and Second Peak area to ourselves. We contemplated the route to Third Peak but it was just too steep without ice axes. We enjoyed a leisurely lunch on top of Second Peak before sliding our way back down to the car.

We noticed the snow conditions change during the day as it warmed up. After lunch, the snow slid very easily, although it didn’t go far on the shallow slopes we were on. Steeper south-facing slopes would probably have been quite treacherous. The good news was that it made for some excellent bum-sliding though.

Mt Seymour snowshoe, 18 Apr 2009

Distance: 7 km
Elevation gain: 400 m

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