Rockies holiday, 3-8 Aug 2009

After our epic 7-day trip to the Mt Assiniboine region, we said our good-byes to Merewyn, Victor and Jennifer and were looking forward to another week in the Rockies. We had a list of hikes with us, but felt that surely we wouldn’t spend all the time hiking, not after over 100 km already? Well, you can probably guess how it went in the end :-)

  • 3 Aug: We packed up, did a laundry run before heading to Lake Louise, where we did the fabulous Plain of Six Glaciers hike. We camped that night at Lake Louise and the rain came in again.
  • 4 Aug: More rain and cloud. We visited Moraine Lake and Bow Lake before a late afternoon hike to Bow Glacier Falls. That night we fell asleep to the sound of thunder and heavy rain.
  • 5 Aug: The weather forecast looked better to the west, so we drove out into the sunshine, through Yoho (taking in Emerald Lake again), past Field to Golden and then south to Radium Hot Springs, returning through Kootenay National Park. We stopped off at the hot springs, ink pots, and Marble Canyon, where the rain caught up with us again…
  • 6 Aug: A sunny morning at last! We left Lake Louise, visited Moraine Lake again before heading north and hiking up to Helen Lake. We camped at Twin Lakes.
  • 7 Aug: On the move again, we continued north and hiked up Parker Ridge, camping at the nearby campsite.
  • 8 Aug: One last hike, this time to Wilcox Pass with grand views over the Athabasca Glacier. Drove to Jasper for pizza before heading home via Mt Robson and Highway 5.

Wilcox Pass, 8 Aug 2009

Eventually we’ll get some photos up…

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