Killarney Lake, 13 Dec 2009

The final swim of the Lake Challenge! We left Killarney Lake to last as we considered it least likely to freeze. A week of sub-zero temperatures proved us wrong and we were caught out by the sight of a totally frozen Killarney Lake. It even began to snow as we puzzled over what to do.

The challenge was finished up by paddling in the outlet stream from the lake while the snow fell. Well, all the water did come from the lake…

Killarney Lake, 13 Dec 2009

We celebrated with food and appropriate beverages at Doc’s pub. A pleasant amble and a relaxing day out, at least for us :-)

Distance: 5 km
Elevation gain: 50 m (if that)

Photos on Flickr

And the whole Lake Challenge can be seen here. Congratulations to Merewyn and Andrew for managing to swim in a lake in every month of 2009. :-)

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