First Lake, 24 Jan 2010

Our first snowshoe of 2010, a gentle outing on Mt Seymour. Our intention was to take advantage of a clear morning and head out to Dog Mountain, but the recent warmer weather and rain meant that the snow had been washed away in places. A couple of warning signs told us of the dangers of exposed roots and open creeks, and that we should not attempt the trail to Dog Mountain. We started off down the trail and within 10 m stopped and retraced our steps as the first bridge was completely exposed. We opted for the longer and hillier route to First Lake which goes around the north side of Dinkey Peak.

Another warning sign greeted us as that junction, but we shrugged and continued on. This time things were much better. The snow was hard packed, with a loose sugary top layer. We plodded along enjoying the quiet (no one else was on this trail) and admiring the perfect snowflakes falling on our jackets and gloves. We only had one small open creek crossing and it was an easy step. There were big sinkholes all over the place.

First Lake snowshoe, 24 Jan 2010

We reached First Lake after a leisurely 40 minutes. The lake was exposed to the bed in places, ice-covered in others and snowy nearer the trees. The bridge over the outlet stream was almost snow-free. We crossed over and followed the trail towards Dog Mountain. We only got about 100 m before the snow ran out again and, given the squally weather we were now having, we decided to just head back the way we’d come and be content with that.

We paused at the lake again to munch a makeshift lunch (Clif Bar) before circling the lake and heading up the hill. Within half an hour, we were back at the car. Lunch was supplemented with apple strudel and coffee from Solly’s bagelry on the way home :-)

It wasn’t much, but it was still worth getting out.

Distance: 3 km
Elevation gain: 50 m
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