Lynn Headwaters, 11 Jun 2011

Another weekend, and another gentle hike. Blame all that snow at high elevations, and the crummy weather. So after last week’s sunny excursion we opted for a hike in the trees under heavy clouds. Setting off, we paused briefly by Lynn Creek to watch a dipper feeding its youngster, before crossing the bridge and turning right to follow the Headwaters Trail. To our surprise we were passed by two people in jeans and flip-flops.

Lynn Headwaters. 11 Jun 2011Lynn Headwaters. 11 Jun 2011Lynn Headwaters. 11 Jun 2011

We picked our way through muddy puddles and over slippery roots, enjoying our emerald green surroundings. Moss, ferns, small hemlocks, giant skunk cabbage and fresh, spring leaves on the vine maples. Very, very green. We took the small detour up to the giant boulders, huge glacial erratics now surrounded by dozens of tall second-growth trees. Back on the trail we wandered on to the second debris chute, emerging on a small flood-plain with views up to the end of Goat Ridge.

We stopped here for a while – it was a pleasant temperature, even if it was cloudy – and there were spring things to take pictures of to keep Andrew and me occupied. Then the last leg back along the river. Some parts of this were quite pleasant, but the last couple of km is an old road and it’s always hard on my feet, even though this is not a particularly long hike.

Lynn Headwaters, 11 Jun 2011 Lynn Headwaters. 11 Jun 2011

We passed relics of the logging industry, a rusting truck chassis or two, before wending our way back to the (new!) car and home. A very pleasant few hours in the great outdoors. Sometimes it’s just about being out there.

Distance: 8 km
Elevation gain: 250 m
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