Dog Mountain, 18 Dec 2011

Our plan was to catch sunset from Dog Mountain, but we missed it by a few minutes. (Does that sound familiar?) That doesn’t mean that it wasn’t worth the trip: on the contrary, it was one of the most beautiful sunset views we’ve ever seen. A layer of cloud covered the city, hiding it from view. The western horizon was brilliant orange, Venus a dazzling white point puncturing the indigo sky. The clouds lapped against the forest on the slopes of Mount Seymour, just like waves on the beach. It was a stunning sight.

Dog Mountain, 18 Dec 2011

The large noisy group we’d avoided by taking a slightly different route finally caught up with us and we took that as our cue to return to the car, and headed downtown for dinner.

It felt good to be out in the mountains again.

Distance: 5 km
Elevation gain: 100 m
Photos to come.

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