Gold Creek Falls, 16 Sep 2012

Our original plan had been to spend the weekend out on an overnight trip, but for various reasons we weren’t up to that. Our re-scoped plans had us meeting Merewyn in Pitt Meadows and enjoying an easy stroll along the banks of Gold Creek in Golden Ears park. We were surprised to find the trail was 2.7 km each way, further than I remembered, but it was such an easy walk none of us noticed.

It was noticeably warmer inland compared with on the coast, and we ambled along the trail. Thankfully the recent spell of good weather meant that all the mudholes along the trail were dry, which made it easy to walk in non-muddiable footwear, such as sandals in my case :-) The rainforest was an eye-soothing green after all the brilliant blue skies and bare rocks of Jasper, curtains of moss hanging from every branch.

We reached the falls and went out onto a rock in the sun to enjoy the spray. The last time we were here (in May 2010) the falls were roaring and it was difficult to remain dry downstream of them. Today there was just enough spray to cool our foreheads and produce a bright, colourful rainbow. The water in the creek looked as inviting and green as ever – of course it was also as cold as ever!

Gold Creek Falls, 16 Sep 2012

Distance: 5.5 km
Elevation gain: 10 m (max!)
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