Mount Seymour, 10 Nov 2012

What’s this? Organizing two Wanderung hikes in the space of a month? I sent out a callout for Mount Seymour, seeing as Maria was occupied with various Morris dancing activities and got plenty of responses. After all, who could resist a hike on such a sunny day?

And so it was that eight of us enjoyed a gorgeous blue-sky day on Mount Seymour, albeit a touch on the chilly side. Our lunch spot at the peak was the only place for miles around with a cloud between it and the sun. Brrr! Thankfully there was no wind, and when the cloud moved on, the sunshine was most welcome. No snow but lots and lots of ice which made the trail a little tricky in a few places. The worst was between Second and Third peak where the tiny ledge was mostly covered in ice. Fortunately there was enough dry rock to make it safe enough, with care. All of the puddles and tarns were frozen over – many of the shallower ponds were frozen solid – and we found one to enjoy some sliding and even a game of curling, topped up by some tomfoolery in setting up the group photo ;-)

There were plenty of people out enjoying the sun – the parking lot was pretty full by the time we got back to the cars. Our plan was to head to Deep Cove for a doughnut, but the wait was half-an-hour, so we made ourselves comfortable at The Raven pub instead.

Videos of our curling efforts:
1. (listen for the ice cracking near the end)

Mt Seymour, 10 Nov 2012 Mt Seymour, 10 Nov 2012

Distance: 9 km
Elevation gain: 450 m
Photos on Flickr

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