Brockton Point, 16 Feb 2013

Well the weather forecast wasn’t great, but we wanted to get out and a friend of ours, Jen, was keen on trying out snowshoeing for the first time. Then it turned out that some other friends (Rob and Jo, and Rob’s daughters) also wanted to go snowshoeing, so a plan was hatched to meet up at the Mount Seymour parking lot to get some snow time. We met up at the cafe and headed out into the mist. Originally we had Dog Mountain in mind, but someone mentioned that they wanted to do something different, something a little more challenging. We thought Brockton Point would do the trick.

Of course convincing the kids to slog uphill wasn’t too easy, but then they saw how many slides there would be on the way down and they were sold. We actually made pretty good time on our way up, probably because there wasn’t much to look at. We hung around at Brockton Point for long enough to grab a snack before getting down to the real business of the day: sliding!

Brockton Point, 16 Feb 2013 Brockton Point, 16 Feb 2013

Pretty much every slope that could be slid on was slid on. And pretty much everyone who wanted to slide, slid. Jen was hesitant as she didn’t want a wet bum (and who can blame her!), and I didn’t want a cold bum, so I resisted. But everyone else had a whale of a time – the girls especially loved it. It was great to see everyone having such fun. Eventually we ran out of slides, but then we found a little igloo/snow cave near the start of the trail and couldn’t resist exploring that.

Brockton Point, 16 Feb 2013 Brockton Point, 16 Feb 2013 Brockton Point, 16 Feb 2013

Sometimes you don’t care about the views. Sometimes it’s all about having fun with friends.

Distance: 5 km
Elevation gain: 250 m
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