Cheakamus Lake, 26 May 2013

I’d forgotten just what a pleasant hike this could be, and I think now is a good time to do it. It’s an easy amble through the forest, most of which is nice forest. And with a great group of 8 Wanderungers, the hike passed in no time at all. Really – we reached Singing Creek with an air of disbelief :-) The weather even held off for us with just a light passing shower to dot the rocks.

The flowers are blooming – wild ginger, bleeding heart, purslane, stream violets (lots!), some phlox and wild strawberry in a couple of places. Best of all the fairyslippers are out – some are close to the trail and easily sat or trod on. Fringecup and large-leaved avens will be out soon, and in a couple of weeks, there will be hundreds of white Queen’s Cup in bloom on the forest floor – I’d go back and do this hike again just to see those. :-)

No snow, only one fallen tree to get over/under/around. We saw a single pika near one of the rockslides munching away on some horsetails and a black bear feasting on greenery by the side of Hwy 99 near the Garibaldi Lake turnoff.

The road is in pretty good shape, just lots of potholes to deal with. On the plus side, that keeps everybody’s speed down…

Cheakamus Lake, 26 May 2013 Cheakamus Lake, 26 May 2013

Distance: 14 km
Elevation gain: <50 m
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