BCMC Trail, 1 Jun 2013

Another solo trip for Andy. A “quick” jaunt up to the summit of Grouse via the BCMC trail. No issues on the trail – some minor blowdown has been cleared, a bit of mud and snow near the top but no route-finding issues. Apart from the fact I took a wrong turn and ended up on a trail running parallel to the ski run which soon joined the BCMC trail.

From the chalet I followed the path around to the grizzly enclosure before taking the road up to Grouse summit. From there it was all laziness as I took the peak chair back down followed by the skyride down to the car.

It took me 1h 14m to get to the chalet, which was less than I expected. I passed 21 people and was passed by only 2, which was way more than I expected. :-) I think it was maybe another 20 mins to get up to the top of Grouse. It was nice to be able to look over to Mt Fromme and see where I was two weeks ago.

Since I last did this hike, there’s a big new sign at the beginning pointing people up the Grind immediately to the left. Right is signposted Baden-Powell – this is the way to get to the BCMC too.

Flower report…. just a nice patch of coralroot about 10-15 mins up the trail. Critter report: chipmunk, ravens, pileated woodpecker. And the grizzlies of course.

BCMC Trail, 1 Jun 2013 BCMC Trail, 1 Jun 2013

Elevation gain: ~900 m
Distance: ~4 km
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