Lynn Loop, 6 Jan 2015

I’m always up for getting out on a hike, even if the weather’s iffy, and especially while I have nothing better to do on a weekday. Gabriela & Jeremy were itching to get out, even if for just a couple of hours. With that in mind we headed to Lynn Headwaters and wandered the Lynn Loop, enjoying the green of the forest, the giant stumps prompting the occasional lament on what the forest once was.

Lynn Loop, 6 Jan 2015

Despite the time of year, the trail was remarkably dry and easy to walk with almost no mud, and we three enjoyed it much more as a result. Sure it was still wet with lots of little creeks running here there and everywhere, but they just made the forest feel alive. We cut short the full loop by taking the steep connector back down to the creek side, and finished up the hike in no time.

Lynn Loop, 6 Jan 2015

Some days you just need a couple of hours in the forest :-)

Distance: 6 km
Elevation gain: 150 m

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