Lynn Peak, 14 Jan 2015

Oh, why did I do it? The rocks! The roots! The rocks again! And the views – the complete and utter lack of views! Except on a sunny day like today. Wait – rewind and say that again? Whoa, yes indeed, Lynn Peak actually has a view and I have to say it’s a pretty nice one at that, especially today. It’s not the all-encompassing views of Seymour or other North Shore summits, but it was a good enough payoff for me today when I was mostly after a cardio workout.

Lynn Peak, 14 Jan 2015

I was fully expecting a dull if atmospheric hike today, climbing ever upwards through the ramrod second-growth forest surrounded by mist. Alas, that was not to be as I spent the trip speckled with bright winter sunshine, which made for a completely different set of photos. Not that I’m complaining :-)

The trail is as it always is – rocky, rooty and more rocky. But at least it was dry; indeed, remarkably so. Only a little bit of mud near the lookout where there’s also a little (and I mean a little) snow.

Lynn Peak, 14 Jan 2015

Just under two hours up; an hour and 10 down to make sure I got back to the car well before the gate closed (which is currently 5 pm). Glad I had a hiking pole with me.

Distance: 9 km
Elevation gain: 700 m
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