Uno Vista, 4 Mar 2015

Uno Vista is my name for only hiking to the first of the ten viewpoints on the Diez Vistas trail.

My original plan was to hike around Buntzen Lake but on such a nice day I figured I needed to head somewhere with a view. It’s been a while since I headed up to the first peak, so I wasn’t really sure how long it was going to take. So I hoofed it and made it up there an back in about 2h 20m. I don’t think I’ve ever hiked as fast in my life, with an average moving speed of 4.2 km/h!

Uno Vista, 4 Mar 2015

The trail is dry and in good condition, although there are plenty of small rocks on which to roll your ankle(s), especially if trying to make haste ;-). It was pretty peaceful too and I met only a half-dozen or so people on the trail, most of whom seemed to be doing the same as me, judging by the lack of anything more than a water bottle in most cases.

The only downside was that I’d forgotten just how long it takes to drive out to Buntzen Lake… Ugh. Oh well – it’ll be another couple of years before I hike out this way again.

Note there was no cell reception at the parking lot, only once I got a little way up the trail could I get reception.

Distance: 8.4 km
Elevation gain: 520 m
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