Capilano Canyon, 15 Mar 2015

We’ve done this hike a few times when we’ve just needed to get out in the woods for a few hours. It’s a simple hike, without much elevation gain but it was good enough to get us moving on a lazy Sunday. The Capilano River was flowing fast and made for a pleasant sonic backdrop as we walked through the forest. The trail was mostly in good condition thanks to the gravel upgrades of a couple of years ago, with only a couple of muddy spots here and there. Along the initial stretch it looks like there have been some recent repairs to some small slides and slumps, including a stretch of concrete blocks to hold back one section of slope.

We were surprised to see how many cars were parked at the trailhead at the end of Keith Road, and sure enough we met plenty of people (and their dogs) along the way. A fair few trail runners too, not all of whom were very considerate of other trail users :-/

Salmonberry is well into bloom with many cheery pink dots decorating the stems. Skunk cabbage is starting to poke its bright yellow swamp lanterns above the mud. The find of the day was a few patches of coltsfoot, a flower that always reminds us of a friend who passed away a few years ago.

A couple of varied thrushes sang their wistful notes, accompanied by robins, juncos, ravens, wrens and a pair of dippers at one of the creeks along the way (given away by their buzzy call). The hatchery has salmonids on display and we saw one large fish that we think was a steelhead trout.

Distance: 9 km
Elevation gain: 100 m

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