Elk-Thurston, 31 May 2016


Today I realized that this is close to being the perfect summer hike with grand views and an extensive display of wildflowers. To see so many flowers blooming in the subalpine at the end of May was a real treat. It’s a bit of a grunt getting up above the trees but after that it’s pure joy. Don’t bother going on beyond the cairn to Thurston as there are no views to be had from the summit. That said, I did find a couple of patches of glacier lilies there, so it was worth it for me :-) and there are a couple of places where the view of some of the Cheam Range is better than at the cairn.


Steep for sure, it’s quite the workout. The trail was in pretty good condition, with just a few muddy spots churned up after Saturday’s downpour. I’m sure they’ll dry out again in short order. not a drop of snow before the cairn, and only a few small patches nearer the summit of Thurston. They’ll be gone soon.

There is a new (to me) outhouse at the trailhead – well, it’s about 50 m along the trail. Hopefully it will survive…

Lots of flowers blooming right now, and I think it will only get better over the next few weeks. I counted about 50 species in bud or bloom – yes, 50! I was surprised too! I was hoping to see chocolate lilies and glacier lilies, and I found both so that made my day.

Distance: 15.5 km
Elevation gain: 1100 m

Elk-Thurston, 31 May 2016


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