Vignette: Stanley Park, 21 Nov 2020

A gem of a park, a winter favourite, an easy way to absorb a couple of hours.

A pileated woodpecker dining on fruit, robins watching on.

Stanley Park, 21 Nov 2020

Flocks of pine siskins bursting from the trees in great clouds, photos showing them tucking their wings making them look more like fish than fowl. A bald eagle alighting in the top of a fir, a small cloud of pine siskins exploding from a neighbouring tree as it passed by.

Stanley Park, 21 Nov 2020   Stanley Park, 21 Nov 2020

Anna’s hummingbirds, their busy buzzy calls, and a ‘peep’ from their tail feathers. Horned grebe, Barrow’s goldeneye, and bufflehead in the bay.

Hooded merganser making a meal of (catching) a small fish.

Stanley Park, 21 Nov 2020

Great blue heron hunkered down and keeping a close eye on us.

Stanley Park, 21 Nov 2020

Ring-necked duck in perfect reflection.

Stanley Park, 21 Nov 2020

Wood ducks in flight; perching and preening on a log

Mallards, bushtits, spotted towhee, dark-eyed juncoes, chickadees, and pigeons. Crows aplenty filling the tree tops and bathing in the pool. The “cronk” of a raven, music to my ears even if not musical.

Clear water lapping calmly at the seawall; shelly, sandy beaches below. Basking double-crested cormorants.

Stanley Park, 21 Nov 2020

Sunbeams in the forest, mist rising from trunks and branches; pockets of green and gold.

November colour from lingering leaves; gingko, beech, willow, and maple. A rose or two. Three lanes of busy on the causeway. High tide swashing into the creek. Runners not giving space.

Thankful for the peace of the forest.

Stanley Park, 21 Nov 2020

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