2021 in review

We had high hopes for 2021, both in terms of hiking and the pandemic. Alas, our pandemic hopes were largely dashed by the third and fourth waves, despite our vaccinations. However, the hiking was good and we had some truly outstanding trips, although the season was very uneven weather-wise and it felt like it ended … Continue reading 2021 in review

2020 in review

Despite the stressful nature of 2020 and the spring-time lockdown, we managed to have an excellent year of hiking, covering the most distance since 2006 and setting a record for elevation gain. No one is more surprised by this than us! We hiked half-a-dozen new trails and revisited a few others, pushing further than we … Continue reading 2020 in review

Reflecting on 2019: an encounter with wildlife

For the third (and probably final) instalment of my reflections on 2019's adventures I thought I'd mention my favourite wildlife sighting of the year. Unlike the hundreds (and maybe thousands) of flowers admired over the past 12 months, our wildlife sightings have been much rarer. (Provided the mosquito encounters are excluded...!) While we had nothing … Continue reading Reflecting on 2019: an encounter with wildlife