Vignette: Boundary Bay, 15 May 2021

A touch of post-vaccine fatigue had us contemplating a flat cycle ride rather than a hike. We parked at the Mud Bay parking lot, which took some finding, where we had to wait for what felt like the world’s longest train to pass before we could turn onto the access road.

Always check the weather, as it’s well known that you’re always cycling into the wind. Today the breeze was out of the WNW, which meant we chose to head west first and enjoy a relaxing tailwind on our return. Plenty of cyclists too, busier than we expected.

It was gravel riding all the way, all 27 km, which was hard work on a hard tail. Everything’s covered in dust now.

We saw eagles soaring overhead, seagulls following a plough. And giraffes. Giraffes? Yes, giraffes. OK so they were driftwood giraffes, but still – giraffes! And equine companions at our lunch spot.

Low tide mudflats, a familiar aroma from my childhood messings about on the coast, and memories of being knee-deep in stinky mud! Fewer birds feeding than I expected. Curves and lines and looming mountains.

A relaxing and recommended ride! Should’ve worn sunscreen though…

2 thoughts on “Vignette: Boundary Bay, 15 May 2021

    1. Definitely – I have to admit I do enjoy the open space of Boundary Bay in the winter

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