Callaghan Valley, 30 Jan 2011

The promise of sunshine enticed out into the snow once again. We joined Anne and Adib (and little Michael) for a day at the Whistler Outdoor Park in Callaghan Valley. Anne and Maria went cross-country skiing, while us guys went for a snowshoe. Michael slept through most of it… We followed the trails to the edge of the ski area and descended steeply to our destination: Alexander Falls. We reached it just as the last of the sunshine was on the falls, snapped as many photos of the partially-frozen falls and creek as possible and headed back. The temperature dropped quite dramatically in the shade and it was a long hour (mostly uphill!) back to the lodge.

The falls were spectacular and well worth visiting. A 45 m drop on Madeley Creek, the surrounding amphitheatre had sheer walls of columnar basalts, which I would have loved to get a closer look at. However, I’m not convinced that spending $10 on an entry ticket was worth it for the rest of the snowshoeing. I’d like to go back and see the falls in the spring when the snow is melting.

Distance: 5.5 km
Elevation gain: 100 m

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